At Candy’s Nail and Tattoo we intend to provide the best service in a relaxing environment so you can feeltruly pampered. Why not try our state of the art pedicure chairs; with relaxing massage and illuminated spa foot bath.
How to use our pedicure chairs

 Nail extensions

Discover the diva within. Our seamless nail extensions certainly draw the eye. We have the latest development in gel powder which allows us to quickly create a flawless finish.

 Biosculpture Gel

For even longer lasting colour that nourishes and enhances your nails try the new celebrity trend known as biosculpture gel.  No chipping wearing our drying of the nails for weeks! Accept nothing but perfection.

Gel Colour – Shellac, Gellish and OPI

For long lasting eye catching colour, try our extensive range of gel colours. Our highly skilled technicians will ensure a durable luxurious finish.

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